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Day Trip to Teotihuacan: History and Mystery

Teotihuacan: ancient pyramids discovered by the Aztecs and turned into the largest metropolis in pre-Columbian America, and largely forgotten by history until the twentieth century. This archaeological site is shrouded in mystery, full of architectural splendors, and...
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Sleeping Bear Dunes: The most beautiful place you never knew existed

Unless you are from Michigan, the chance that you have heard of the Sleeping Bear Dunes is slim. Allow me to fill you in: The Sleeping Bear Dunes sit along the coast of Lake Michigan in the northern part of Michigan’s lower peninsula. When I say sand dunes, you...
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La Boquilla: ecotours of life at the edge

One of our days in Cartagena was spent in La Boquilla, a fisherman’s town, though really now a marginal neighborhood in the outskirts of Cartagena. Before heading to Colombia Laura did some research and found an eco-tour of La Boquilla’s mangroves offered by a local...
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